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Luscious Eden 2021

"My Foolish Heart crazy in mind" is a breezy number that will chase you around and around towards a beautiful summer sunset climax. Short it may be but "Double Trouble" is a transient, quick piece that's quintessentially Soil & "Pimp" -- this probably one of the least adventurous tracks in an otherwise wonderfully experimental album. Of course, there aren't any worries since number six of six, "Pop Korn" meshes a playful, soul "strung" (as my friend likes to call it) funk tune that recalls classical jazz numbers with rousing portions that can only be described as epic. Almost 'Requiem for a dream' epic. "Quartz and Chronometer" is a very dance-friendly albeit complex number that has great parts for the listener to randomly insert his or her own lyrics into whilst it plays. The album credits Shacho but you can't help but wish he was the one filling in those enticing vocal (almost) cues. "Paraiso"'s samba beats are infectious and it's no surprise that it was adapted into the opening theme for the anime "Mitchiko no Hatchin" which was set in Brazil. For those about to be taken in by the charms of My Foolish Heart (not mine, the album's), you'll be happy to note that it's been re-arranged into a luscious vocal number "My Foolish Heart crazy on earth". Featuring Shiina Ringo's capricious tones, the song shimmers from cutesy to smoky to downright classy.

luscious eden

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