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[S3E11] Gas Or Fail LINK

Atillo communicates with Yana, who gives him instructions as the communication line fails and then gets Martha to reboot the system every time the picture goes. Atillo sends Jate into the couplings room, which is flooded with Stet radiation, to enable the launch with a gravity footprint.

[S3E11] Gas or Fail

While Nicky shuffles around trying to clean up his cluttered space, the three try to make small talk. Kevin eventually tells Nicky that Jack said he died in Vietnam. When Nicky fails to respond, Kevin asks why Jack would say that. Nicky tells them they've wasted their time and asks them to leave, but Kate refuses. Sighing, Nicky says he can tell they are Jack's kids and invites them to sit down. He proceeds to tell them his story.

While the White House staff works intensely on the President's State of the Union speech, Bartlet and the First Lady have dinner with a group of her scientist friends who speculate that sphingosine kinase could lead to a cure for cancer. As a result, Bartlet demands that a passage ambitiously promising a crusade to cure cancer within 10 years be included. Sam is the point man for this speech, which is billed as the most important of the President's career and one whose failure will end his hopes for re-election. As Sam is very reluctantly interviewed for a Vanity Fair profile by Lisa Sherborne, who was once his fiancée, he lays out the process by which a State of the Union address comes about. Sam knows that the pledge to cure cancer is noble and the kind of over-reaching government should do, but also that for political reasons it cannot be included in the final speech and removes it, taking out most of his frustrations on Lisa, who finally tells Sam she is taking herself off the story, and then reminds him that it was he and not her who ended their engagement. Attracted to Amy Gardner, a prominent women's rights leader, Josh tries to persuade her that her burgeoning romance with a Congressman is solely a result of political machinations.

When Henry asks his crush Bianca to be his valentine and go out with him to Club Soda, she rejects his offer since Mitch Bilsky already asked her out. In order to impress Bianca, Schwoz provides Henry an android which can be turned into any human form as a date. Meanwhile, Captain Man reluctantly has a date with Henry's teacher Miss Shapen so that she will change Henry's grade on a test that he failed.

After getting caught sneaking out by Piper late at night, his parents ground him alongside Piper, who watched a rated R movie. While Henry is indisposed, he gets upset when Charlotte fills in as Kid Danger, causing a rift between them. A deal is made by Henry's parents in which if he and Piper can go 24 hours without arguing, then their grounding will be lifted. However, they will be grounded for a month if they fail. Meanwhile, Jasper tries to make life hack videos.

When a video of Captain Man smashing up two children's lemonade stand goes viral, people start bad-mouthing him; however, what people fail to realize is that he was actually trying to kill a deadly spider. In an effort to boost his image, Captain Man holds a competition, where the first three people to guess the right number win a tour of the Man Cave; however, when Jasper and Piper are among the winners, Henry worries that they will recognize him. Schwoz helps Henry by attaching a device to his neck that makes his voice sound deeper. Later, as a cover-up to explain his deep voice, Henry tells the winners that he went through puberty.

After Captain Man gets arrested and put in jail for not wearing a hair net, while serving food to the people at his third annual Christmas breakfast, Jasper points out other ridiculous laws on the books in Swellview, such as the prohibitions of taking a picture of a rabbit without a permit, wearing two or more hats at the same time, and chewing ice cream on a cone. Jasper and Henry go on to openly break these laws at city hall and end up in jail as well, along with Charlotte, who fails to report the lawbreaking. Later, when a police officer comes to the Hart residence to report Henry is in jail, upon hearing Piper's idea, Kris throws the officer's walkie-talkie into the fireplace, while Jake pulls down the officer's pants, both of which land the two in jail. Following her parents' arrest, Piper decides to throw a Christmas party at the house with her friends.

Drex, a former sidekick of Captain Man-turned-supervillain, has escaped from prison when the daughter of the parole board's chairman tampers with the prison computers during "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" which allowed Drex to get paroled. As part of his revenge, Drex traps Captain Man in an unbreakable box. After failing to free Captain Man, and subsequently being embarrassed by Drex, Henry turns to Schowz for help where he gains super-fast reflexes as a new superpower.

Jimmy returns to Kim's apartment, where she is taking time off of work and watching a marathon of rented movies. Jimmy reports that his efforts to fix the rift between Irene and her friends have kept ending in failure, with his efforts to put in a good word for Irene having the opposite effect. Jimmy finally devises a way to do right by Irene, but tells Kim that "I really, really don't want to do it."

The other Titans agree that it is a great story and that the moral makes sense. But Robin laments that he failed as a bard, as his stories didn't teach them anything. The Titans disagree, saying that Hansel and Gretel taught them to eat proper meals, Rapunzel taught them the importance of independence, and Little Red Riding Hood taught them to take responsibility for their actions. However, the Titans state that the most important thing they learned is that Robin wears man diapers, at which the four of them laugh, while Robin sheds a single tear as the episode ends.

In this challenge, the five Unfortunates must work together to plug the holes in the large drain. When the drain is completed, a voice will say "Drain Complete" and the Unfortunates will retreat into their tunnels. When the other Unfortunates are hiding, The Voice instructs the Saboteur to come out. After touching a plug, the Saboteur will have five seconds to unplug the drain by pulling out as many plugs as he or she can, and can also throw plugs and spin the drain outside another Unfortunate's tunnel to try and frame them. Afterwards, a clanging sound effect will play and the rest of the Unfortunates will come out to plug the drain again. This is repeated until the time (one hundred and twenty seconds, or two minutes) runs out. In order to pass, all the holes in the drain must be plugged. If any plugs are missing or not inserted in the holes correctly, the challenge will be failed. During the challenge, the Unfortunates wear helmets with torches on their heads, and will also lie forwards on flat trolleys.

The being eventually known as Ryan Clarke was born of the entity known as Malivore. Malivore created Ryan by combining together his own body, a composition of mud and the raw organic material of numerous monsters that it had absorbed, and mud on the ground in a attempt to create a progeny. Sadly Ryan, like the other attempts before it, was considered a failure for his infertility and thus abandoned.

In I'll Tell You a Story, Ryan tells Landon the story of Malivore. He reveals that Malivore was created as a golem by a witch, a vampire, and a werewolf in order to stop other supernaturals from attacking humans. After absorbing countless supernaturals, Malivore became self-aware and refused to allow its creators to destroy it. Malivore then attempted to create more golems, but all of them were failures, who lacked its abilities. One such failure was Ryan himself, made to look human. Resentful for being rejected, Ryan convinced humans to destroy Malivore, overseeing the ritual that turned Malivore into a puddle. He has since realized his mistake and has been working to free his father using the three keys, after infiltrating Triad Industries. He also tells Landon as more humans were thrown in, he absorbed enough of their genetic material to be able to reproduce, culminating in impregnating Seylah Chelon, which makes Landon Malivore's son and his half-brother. Ryan learns from Landon that the last key is a golden chalice, and they leave to find it.

Back in the great hall, Hope performs the transfusion ritual. Wade attempts to keep Malivore, rather Landon, pain free with fairy dust, while Josie warns that she needs to go faster. Hope hesitates, fearing permanent damage to Landon. Jed watches over Ryan, who struggles with the transfer, unable to help. The spell fails and they're expelled from the therapy box. Alaric and Ryan immediately realize they've failed again, adding to the other ten failed simulations. Hope demands to run it again, but Josie counters that they're doing something wrong. Hope can't be the one to perform the spell. They all have something in stake. If Hope can take a step back and trust her, she can perform the spell.

As Crane takes over the Bat-cave, he listens in to Bruce's diagnosis of Scarecrow, getting angry as the Bat deems him a split personality in the recording. Bruce thinks Crane is weak and a failure, but he believes Scarecrow, the masked fiend with fear toxins, is the true monster. It's insulting, as Crane thinks his human side's the genius, ergo why he doesn't care for his gas mask anymore -- so he puts this to the test.

Suffice it to say, a child will *never* have to deal with this circumstance except in an absurdly rare occasion - which is why this particular venture will fail, and a different store will have replaced it by the time the next episode airs.

35. "The Gang Beats Boggs" (Season 10, Episode 1)Hall of Fame baseball player Wade Boggs claims that he used to pound over 50 beers on cross-country flights. With that in mind, the gang boards a plane and tries to break his record. It's a premise that's too good to fail, and the show has some fun teasing Major League Baseball's handling of the steroids era. 041b061a72


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