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Space Engineers Long Range Ore Detector

also, if the actual crater of a landing craft is about the same size as the required ores to make it worthwhile, then you could use that as an approximate radius for detecting the ore layer! that should allow you to get round the footprint issue.

space engineers long range ore detector


yep, the drill's modules can detect all ores, regardless of size, but they need to be close together. if a site has too much open space, it won't be able to pick up all the modules.. but it's not a huge problem, as most ores are really small.

i doubt that a variation of this mod will be created. though it has been suggested in the past, it wouldn't be a really big change. you could always make it not so accurate and overload the system, etc.

the finish of a long range crystal is the final curve. the falling ramp; this is useful to have because you have the damage start at 1 and finish at 1.3 at the end of the ramp. so the damage will be 1.25 instead of 1. it will also curve the curve just a little; so if you go from 1.5 to 1.25 you have 1.25 for 60 seconds instead of 1.5.

each effector has a 500 effector limit on them. you can have 500 of each type. a power modifier has a 50k limit on it. you can set a single power modifier with a tier 1 ai to set it to 1500k. you can use any amount of set power with a particular tier. so 100 tier 1 or tier 2 power works the same way as 30 tier 1 power and 30 tier 2 power. but on a tier 1, setting that power to 1500k is the same as having 10 tier 2 or tier 1 power.

the difference between set power and 100 power modifier. the 100 power modifier has the power that you define, but it will only take effect when you have enough charge to meet that power. the power modifier does not use up charge; it is added to your power so there is a chance that you will hit it before you reach your power. so a set power of 5 will never have a charge overflow and so there is no chance you will explode.


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