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I had noticed that each of the four hinges within the chest area cracked merely due to the toy existing within reality, but I was somewhat surprised to learn that one hinge had broken completely. I removed the upper body in order to prevent further damage, and now the toy is practically useless to me. From what I gathered listening to panicky fans, this type of damage is most prevalent on the Ozma type and its questionable shiny gray plastic. One of the doors for the front landing gear also broke as a bit of icing on the cake.


On disk 4 get (if you don't have one) a flying Chocobo. Head to the island north of Madain Sarai and find a crack in the mountain. Use a dead pepper to open it up and then you'll have to visit some Moogles to get MognetHQ back up.

She has a sarcastic streak about her that is often mistaken for hostility. She does not go out of her way to crack jokes or be humorous, but she is amused when people are flustered and surprised about Karn's habitats.

The children and the Wizard rushed across the moving rock and sprang into the passage beyond, landing safely though a little out of breath. Jim the cab-horse came last, and the rocky wall almost caught him; for just as he leaped to the floor of the further passage the wall swung across it and a loose stone that the buggy wheels knocked against fell into the narrow crack where the rock turned, and became wedged there.

There was a vestibule and a front hall with a mosaic set in the floor. The blue and yellow tiles were set in a spiraling pattern, and Ozma thought she saw dragons, but the mosaic was cracked and some of the tiles were missing. Light fell down through a vaulted skylight. There were statues standing in paneled niches in the wall, gods and goddesses looking as if they had been waiting for a long time for someone to bring their coats and hats. They looked dowdier than the gods in Abal did, less haughty, less high. There were ghosts everywhere, Ozma saw. Somehow it made her miss Abal less. At least Brid was like Abal in this one way.

"Lovie," he tells me, as I patiently endure his version of the story, "you're cracked in the head. Do you want to know what really happened or are you just going to write down whatever thing comes to mind?"

These weird item caches are found in remote areas. The following can be dug up by pointing Choco's beak toward a suspicious crack (or line) and using said pepper. When in doubt of one's location, remember that all cracks are untraversable - if Choco's forced out of the way, there's probably one there. There are three that provide treasure:

Freya's ultimate weapon can be dug up with a mountain chocobo, in a half-hidden crack near Oeilvert. Check the world map and look at the Forgotten Continent. The black spots stand for forested areas; there is only one of those blotches on the western part of the continent, northwest of Oeilvert's location. On the second layer, look for a big black line (face southeast to see it) on the cliffside.

In the same vein as the above weapon-finding quest, on the eastern coast of this continent, north of Oeilvert and even the eastern chocobo tracks, there is a small enclosed area with a tiny forest. Next to that forest is another crack that can be opened.

This next one isn't really treasure, but it's a place you'll want to see: Chocobo's Paradise. Once you've got a gold chocobo that can take off/land in forested areas, fly to the upper-left corner of the world map to find a lone island. Land and use a Dead Pepper on the crack to enter this heaven-sent place. Make your way up to the second level where Fat Chocobo is, watch a few scenes, and leave again (although the other chocos give hints to crack locations). After you've dug up all chocographs, the choco on Fatty's lefthand side will max out your Dead Peppers amount so you can find more mountain cracks. You must get here to unlock Beachcombing, as well, so if you're desperate to have access to that mildly useful Easter egg, get this crack unlocked ASAP.

Finally, the last crack is part of the culmination of the Moogle sidequests. It doesn't grant you any treasure, but it does unlock a large portion of the things you can do with Moogles in the game, so it's worth pointing out here while you're already questing about. With an mountain chocobo - or, of course, better - in tow, head to the talon-shaped island north of the Outer Continent (Cazedil Plains). There's a mountain crack there, and behind it lies Mognet Central. Knowing how to get into Mognet Central is the first part of a multi-letter quest to get it up and running again - for more details, see our Moogle Guide.Bubbles in the OceansOnce you get the Ocean ability, the entire world (besides the Forgotten Continent) is your oyster! You may have noticed clusters of bubbles around in a few select locations. Well, with your Dead Peppers, you can send Choco to dive under the water and, guess what? - there are treasure chests down there, too! Here's a list of where you can get stuff:

Right and that's why we have a huge presence in Singapore. That's where we're based and actually that's where I'm calling you from. And we are trying to crack that piece. It's not easy, but the reality is there isn't really a good inventory of premium videos in this region. So we have campaigns, actually, in the region that have been north of $50 CPM, believe it or not: this is Malaysia, this is Indonesia, this Singapore. So if you get those in critical mass, this can be basically profitable. At the same time it allows us to buy more content and fuel this because, as you said, it's hugely popular. I think Naruto was, like, number one or two highest searched term on Google last year. So, there's a massive, massive following for this content out here and we gotta make it work.

At some areas of the world map, the player may find foaming water or a mountainside with a crack. Using a Dead Pepper at these locations causes Choco with a Sea upgrade to dive into the water or dig into the mountain, finding treasures. These treasures are separate from the Chocograph treasures. The various chocobos at Chocobo's Paradise will hint at their locations after speaking with the Fat Chocobo for the first time. Locating all hidden world map treasures yields the Diggin' It achievement/trophy in the latest versions.

"STOP!" commanded the Goat Girl, the first to recover from the shock of the landing, and dear knows Handy should have been used to sudden landings by this time. "STOP!" Whirling round with a howl of fury, Wutz sprang straight at her, but Handy, who still clutched the silver hammer in her iron hand, was too quick for him and brought it down with a resounding crack on the top of his head. "Take 'em away! Take 'em away!" cried Handy hysterically, as Wutz fell over backwards, and Himself, appearing exactly where the hammer had struck, leaped off the wizard's head to save himself from a fall.

The Vajra invader however isn't dead and a hole cracks in the colony. Alto takes Sheryl and Ranka to safety in an evacuation shelter. An evacuation order is put in place across the colony. NUNS fighters arrive, the battle shakes up the shelter and Alto gets a peak at Sheryl and she slaps him. They begin arguing but Ranka offers them some tuna dim sum to calm them down. But the suggestive appearance of the dumplings and Ranka's cute naivety make Alto and Sheryl laugh. Meanwhile, Grace O'Connor and Catherine give orders to find the missing Sheryl Nome, Grace tells her that she usually comes back at this time. The operators are busy with calls, as a soldier tells Catherine, but Grace requests to access the Macross Frontier's inter-link network with her (illegal) implants.


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