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Real War: Rogue States Free ##TOP## Download

The story is also completely uninteresting, with a "freedom fighting" Independent Liberation Army that is bent on "freeing" the world from American imperialism. The US by contrast is bent on stopping these "terrorists." I couldn't figure out which side was meant to be a tongue in cheek representation of the real thing, but in my opinion they both represent a good satirical portrayal of their "real life" counterparts. The only thing is, I don't think the designers meant the game to be a satire.

Real War: Rogue States Free Download

Russia and China represent distinct challenges to U.S. national security. Russia is not a peer or near-peer competitor but rather a well-armed rogue state that seeks to subvert an international order it can never hope to dominate. In contrast, China is a peer competitor that wants to shape an international order that it can aspire to dominate. Both countries seek to alter the status quo, but only Russia has attacked neighboring states, annexed conquered territory, and supported insurgent forces seeking to detach yet more territory. Russia assassinates its opponents at home and abroad, interferes in foreign elections, subverts foreign democracies, and works to undermine European and Atlantic institutions. In contrast, China's growing influence is based largely on more-positive measures: trade, investment, and development assistance. These attributes make China a less immediate threat but a much greater long-term challenge.

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In contrast, the Strategy envisions a much narrower role for preemption. It discusses preemption in the specific context of defeating terrorists and rogue states. It never suggests preemption has a role to play with respect to a rising China or any residual threat posed by Russia. Nor is the argument for preempting terrorists controversial. Law enforcement, covert operations, and intelligence gathering have always sought to preempt terrorist attacks, and such preemptive activities are well-established in international law. Clinton administration officials partially justified the 1998 cruise missile attacks on targets in Afghanistan and Sudan on preventative grounds. Instead, the debate in the United States has always been about whether the U.S. government is doing enough to stop terrorists preemptively, not whether it has to wait for them to attack before acting.

On the other hand, it could be claimed that the possession of nuclear weapons, and the potential of deterrence, is pointless in the face of a stateless enemy, as nuclear capability and deterrence are useless against an enemy that has no borders (Rosenbaum 1977: 145). Most states in the world are not capable of guarding themselves against nuclear attack, and therefore these states will not be able to prevent, or in order to guarantee survival might actually provide for, nuclear terrorism. In the disastrous event that terrorists were actually able to obtain nuclear weapons, the state-centric theory of deterrence would not be a useful defence against the covert and random destructive nature of international terrorism. The actions of terrorist groups are different from those of sovereign states. Their ideologies and interests lie in contrast to the politicians and statesmen of the current nuclear powers as they do not have economies, resources, or territory to defend, nor do they have electorates or courts to answer to (Blair and Brewer: 1977: 384). Rogue nations would have the same problem, perhaps using their newly acquired weapons for intimidation or aggression with little regard to MAD or game theory. These rogue nations legitimise their actions by charging the current nuclear powers with preaching double standards by not allowing other states to have nuclear weapons (Wirtz 2010: 325). Furthermore, if the liberal democracies were to rid themselves of nuclear weapons, and terrorist groups or rogue states subsequently were able to acquire the knowledge and materials to build them, then it is highly likely that nations would side with the new nuclear powers.

What is striking is that this limited usefulness has not affected frequency of use. To the contrary: Sanctions use doubled in the 1990s and 2000s from its level in the period from 1950 to 1985; by the 2010s it had doubled again. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton used economic pressure to go after human rights violators. His successor George W. Bush deployed them against rogue states, terrorists, and nuclear proliferators. And then Barack Obama turned to sanctions as an easier-to-use form of hard power that did not carry the domestic political costs of the increasingly unpopular interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet while in the 1985-1995 period, at a moment of great relative Western power, the chances of sanctions success were still around 35 to 40 percent, by 2016 this had fallen below 20 percent. In other words, while the use of sanctions has surged, their odds of success have plummeted. 041b061a72


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