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Paula Dean Recipes For Potato Casseroles

Any vegetable salads or baked vegetables will work very well with this casserole recipe. Try these recipes: Candied Carrots, Shrimp pasta salad, Roasted red pepper rigatoni, Roasted potatoes, and carrots!

paula dean recipes for potato casseroles

Oh my gosh, this sounds delish! I have to admit I have never followed a recipes 100%, but mostly I do my own thing and use recipes for ideas and cooking time only. :)I always make extra potatoes. 1st day baked 2nd day silced and pan fryed, loaded baked potato soup, potatoe salad, seasoned roasted, or even in bread baking. If mashed, I save the potatoe skin for twice baked with leftover mashed. Well thats a few of the ways I use the almighty spud! :)


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