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Disg Modell Fragebogen Pdf |BEST| Download

How to Use the DISG Model Questionnaire to Improve Your Communication Skills

The DISG model questionnaire is a tool that can help you understand your own personality type and how it affects your interactions with others. The DISG model is based on a theory of human behavior by John G. Geier and William Moulton Marston, and stands for Dominant, Initiativ, Stetig and Gewissenhaft. These are the four basic personality styles that describe how people perceive and react to different situations.

disg modell fragebogen pdf download

By taking the DISG model questionnaire, you can discover your dominant personality style and learn how to communicate more effectively with people who have different styles. You can also use the DISG model questionnaire to improve your teamwork, leadership, sales, marketing, project management, recruiting, feedback and personal development skills.

What are the four personality styles of the DISG model?

The four personality styles of the DISG model are:

  • Dominant: People who are dominant are confident, decisive, assertive and goal-oriented. They like to take charge, solve problems and get results. They are motivated by challenges, power and authority. They tend to be direct, blunt and impatient with others.

  • Initiativ: People who are initiativ are enthusiastic, persuasive, sociable and optimistic. They like to influence, inspire and motivate others. They are motivated by recognition, approval and fun. They tend to be friendly, expressive and spontaneous with others.

  • Stetig: People who are stetig are loyal, supportive, patient and cooperative. They like to maintain harmony, stability and security. They are motivated by relationships, belonging and appreciation. They tend to be calm, diplomatic and accommodating with others.

  • Gewissenhaft: People who are gewissenhaft are careful, analytical, organized and meticulous. They like to follow rules, standards and procedures. They are motivated by quality, accuracy and logic. They tend to be reserved, cautious and precise with others.

How to take the DISG model questionnaire?

The DISG model questionnaire is a self-assessment tool that consists of 24 groups of four words each. For each group, you have to choose one word that describes you most (am ehesten) and one word that describes you least (am wenigsten) in a given situation. The situation can be your current or desired job role, your personal or professional life or any other context that is relevant for you.

The DISG model questionnaire can be downloaded as a PDF file from various sources online[^1^] [^2^] or taken as an online test[^3^]. The PDF file contains instructions on how to score your answers and interpret your results. The online test provides you with an instant report that shows your personality profile graphically and textually.

How to use the DISG model questionnaire results?

The DISG model questionnaire results can help you understand your strengths, weaknesses, preferences and tendencies as well as those of others. You can use this information to improve your communication skills by adapting your style to different situations and people.

Some general tips on how to communicate with different personality styles are:

  • Dominant: Be clear, concise and factual. Focus on results and solutions. Avoid unnecessary details and emotions. Respect their time and authority. Challenge them with goals and deadlines.

  • Initiativ: Be friendly, enthusiastic and positive. Focus on benefits and opportunities. Use stories and examples. Praise them for their achievements and ideas. Involve them in activities and decisions.

  • Stetig: Be polite, supportive and respectful. Focus on relationships and feelings. Use a calm and gentle tone. Show them appreciation and recognition. Provide them with security and stability.

  • Gewissenhaft: Be accurate, logical and organized. Focus on facts and data. Use a formal and professional tone. Show them evidence and proof. Provide them with structure and clarity.


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