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Download Rupee Symbol For Powerpoint

As mentioned, people also use Rs to indicate Indian rupee sign. Rs is also a formal Unicode symbol with a assigned codepoint. In addition, few local Indian languages also have their own rupee symbol to indicate Indian rupee in their language.

download rupee symbol for powerpoint

Download Zip:

We are proud to present our red rupee symbol in front of globe stock photo. This image has been designed with rupee symbol in front of globe. This professional image of rupee symbol with globe is well designed to display value of rupee in the world. Highlight the result of you thought process using this image related to currency in your presentations.

The new Indian Rupee symbol is officially released and now download India Rupee Rs font in word use for your documents. Typing the Re or Rs text is no longer a good idea as India now has its own Rupee symbol and fonts have been developed for universal usage.


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