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One big difference is that veterinary practices must be run much more like a business than a human hospital in large part because they are not coupled to the insurance industry the way human medicine is. As such, there is no third party restricting payment by dictating what insurance will or will not cover based on some metric of what truly works. Veterinarians are therefore less restricted at offering medical services that may actually not be very medical. They have little choice but to *appear* to offer everything that their clients expect, which includes things like acupuncture. My Dad is not a believer in acupuncture, for much the same reason you're not a believer, but I remember him planning a suite into his clinic which had the intent of allowing for an acupuncture specialist to work simply because people were asking for the option. With some of these clinics, they may not employ such a specialist directly, but might contract someone who travels about offering the specialty.

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