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ChronoSync 4.9.5 Mac Full

Excellent article and questions/solutions!I come from the Oldskool of having an active, weekly, silent clone to an spinner (on internal bus, for speed) along with no longer supported TM Airport (modded for 4TB). You.Can.Not.Have.Enough.Backed up. I even considered buying a cloud sub to carbonite/code42/AWS container or other service but none are one-stop-one-deal. Having a bootable clone (if daily), allows you to fumble with some update and screw the pooch, and boot back to last time, phew.I wonder, if you have a T-bolt mac enabled, can CCC clone to that mac partition so you have a daily driver ready, that is only tethered via Tbolt 3 cable? Is that doable?I just ordered a T7 drive to use for cloning macs as I also migrate (just incase). But I also wonder, we are coming to full circle in that, its all in the cloud. Terminal/server will be i-device to login, run your desktop on a display with gig connection. Local is for emergencies only (like power outtage).I think we need to get internet access as a regulated utility!

ChronoSync 4.9.5 Mac Full

I have long used both a bootable backup and a Time Machine backup for my desktop macs, and I am not happy with loosing that option. The bootable backups have been faster for restoration when needed; Time Machine can be painfully slow for a whole disk restore.

Hopefully Apple will get on top of things like this, because you should be able to prove that you are the rightful owner to the recovery system; and should not have to wipe all volumes on a system to get a reinstall happening.

It keeps asking me to unlock full version in order to clean my mac. I have both tried KCNSCrew and Serial Box and tried all the serial keys on there. I am running on Catalina 10.15.7. What am I doing wrong? 350c69d7ab


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